Touching Letter To An Aborted Brother

“Dear Jamie,
You deserve a name and you deserved a life, just as our other two siblings did, and I can’t believe that it took me so long to realize that I have three beautiful siblings in Heaven. I wish I could feel something from all three of you, but I feel you and know you’re there.
I always wanted an older brother. I technically have one on my dad’s side, but he’s not really a brother, unless you ask genetics. I wanted one so badly that the imaginary older brother I had growing up almost felt real – and it wasn’t until just now that I realized he wasn’t imaginary – he was you. You’ve always been my guardian angel. I’ve always believed in those, but never thought I had one. And now I know it’s always been you.
As much as I wish you had been born, I’d be lying if I said maybe it was better that you didn’t have to grow up with her and the hell she puts people through. Please don’t take that the wrong way. I wish you were here, I just don’t wish the pain she inflicts to be on you, but I guess you got the ultimate pain, and I’m sorry.
You weren’t even born when you went to Heaven. If I were to go now, I’d still have almost 22 years on you, although I hope to be very old when I go. So what does this mean when I finally get to meet you? Will you be a tiny baby and I’ll be an old and wrinkly woman? I would like to believe that in Heaven, we just are who we are, and that age doesn’t exist, because even if I’m 102 when I get there, I hope that I get to be your little sister. (I guess that kind of contradicts age not existing, but you know what I mean.) I hope we get to do things that regular brothers and sisters do.
I wish my life wasn’t the way it is. I wish I had a family. But I know someday I’ll get to create one. I’ve just never grieved you, not having a family, or getting to be the child I should have been. I guess that’s what I’m doing now.
Thank you for protecting me. Please keep doing it. I look up to you, even thought you were never on earth. Knowing you’re looking down on me and cheering me on in life makes me want to make the best choices. I want to live a life that I can be proud to tell you about, and I’m happy that you can see it before that time comes.
I love you.
Your sister,

2 thoughts on “Touching Letter To An Aborted Brother

  1. This made me very teary eyed/ it has been hard for me to cope with my older half sister or brother being murderously aborted. my mother deems it as something that led to me. she is soo confused and doesn’t realize that it was someone a person, a more important person than her or I, whose life was savagely taken. my dad, not the father of the boy or girl brother, was there when she made the mind up, as her boyfriend. and she left the father of the two first because he raped her (they were married). it has been very hard for her and him probably, he was using porn and that is not good. my sister and my brother are not as interested in talking about this matter as I am. at one point my sister was but she will not speak out against abortion because she is now married to a man who deems it mean to the mothers. in church, praying for the unborn is so important. it is like reflecting on the lives the martyrs and saints whose lives were taken yet who souls reached heaven and the Father. thankfully embraced the catholic faith a few years ago, having found out about the abortion 24 years after. from 14 until 22 had many issues with sin and would have avoided some if grieved on my older baby brother or sister. may the Lord forgive mom, dad, and … who the dad of the babe is, not a step dad but a before my dad. hopefully dreams will come where I meet baby him or her. had a strong cry while then as reflecting on after reading this excerpt. thank you boy with blond hair and blue eyes. pray for us. show us jesus.
    sincerely, mother says not to tell anyone, only to talk to sister and brother who are unwilling and to husband who is very helpful and faithful

    • thank YOU for sharing such a powerful testimony! I am so sorry for your loss, but honored that you shared. Hugs! I am more than willing to connect with other siblings, as I know how painful it can be to have so few know our pain/support us. Are you on facebook? If so, you can be added to a secret group on there, just for siblings. If not, we can still figure out some way.
      God bless you! I shall be praying for you and your whole family.
      One last thing, you may find some healing reading from the category: ‘comfort and peace’ on here

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