Yesterday was a day for firsts and records, where my pro life work is concerned. I got my first view from Santa Lucia, after getting the first from Vietnam earlier this week, and I had the most views I’ve had in a long time! In large part due to part one of the interview conducted by my friend! Can’t wait to see how all respond to part two which should be out by the end of today, hopefully.

Now for the record. Unfortunately not too pleasant. You see, I ‘broke the record’ on uncalled for, hurtful comments by trolls in one day. SIX! As I have been doing pro life work for several years, I am thankful that it took this long to occur, though I am hoping that it is a record never again broken. I was having a rough day, and their totally out of the blue attacks, made it even rougher for a time. No concern for how it would affect my health or my mood. Perhaps it actually was done intentionally, but I want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

You know, while it was definitely upsetting, I have been blessed with a number of people doing their part to counter their ugliness and that definitely helped make it more tolerable. Sadly, though,  not everyone has that type of support.  And my pain has made me even more against trolling. While it is obvious that they and I have very different views on some thing, I do not desire to hurt them as they did me. I made it a point to be polite, and when I got rude responses back I decided to just stop engaging. They are entitled to their opinions and I hope that by my not fighting back, they will really think about what I said, and from here on out respect my page, etc. I have many amazing friendships with people who have drastically different views from mine, so I know it can happen again.

My main point in writing this, is mostly to ask you to consider the feelings of those on the other side, when speaking out, etc. Just as we are hurt by comments and such, I truly believe they are too. No one  deserves that. Please, if you are against abortion, continue being so, and speaking out, but without intentionally trying to cause harm to those who are for it. And the same goes for those in favor of abortion, I ask you to please respect that we see differently. While these suggestions and such may seem unnecessary, I do know people who get joy from trolling, and really hope this makes them reconsider. My sincere hope/prayer/wish is that in the not so distant future, people will learn to more peacefully coexist. Not trying to force the conversion of others, talking down to them, speaking ill of them, etc. With people focusing on common ground rather than differences. I have already experienced some of that, and really want others to feel this sense of joy and peace too!


2 thoughts on “Trolling

  1. Very well said!! Each side should disagree respectfully,and there reaches a point when someone has to walk away.There is never any need for nastiness!! I am sorry for what you have had to deal with!!

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