A Beautiful Contrast To The Recent Negativity

As I am sure many are aware from my last post, or recent facebook status, the other day I had SIX negative comments on one of the pages I admin. They caught me off guard to be sure, as I have dealt with very few over the years I’ve been involved, thankfully. As important as it is to me to spread the word about the pain of many post abortive sibling, another huge goal/focus is to promote peace between pro lifers and pro choicers, post abortive and non, convention pro lifers and unconventional pro lifers, etc. I have been blessed to be friends with people in all of those categories. Although there are many awesome stories I could tell about them, I will spotlight 3 for now. 2 about pro choicers, 1 about an unconventional pro lifer.

*Earlier in the year, my friend was kind enough to share my mom’s testimony on her page. Neither of us were anticipating the negativity that occurred. I was hurt by the comments, but decided not to get into an argument. A few hours later, I learned that FOUR pro CHOICERS came to mom’s and my defense!! πŸ˜€ That meant so much!! Three I know from another group, and of the four, three were post abortive. Mom was sharing about how she regretted her decision, and while they may feel different, they defended us! I asked my friend to thank the one I didn’t know, and wrote to the ones I did. All three had such loving things to say! πŸ˜€ It was so neat finding out that I had made such an impression on them! I am so thankful to them for their willingness to be friends despite drastically different views on some issues! If I see something of theirs that bugs me, I hide it, or scroll past, and they do the same. Sad that there are many who are unable to relate. Hopefully by sharing this and the other stories, that can change some.

*The other story has to do with a comment I happened upon this evening. As many know, I was recently interviewed for Live Action. To my happy surprise, it was picked up by LifeNews and National Right To Life as well! Checking on the latter’s FB page, I was deeply touched to see that there were 6 nice comments, and literally over FIVE HUNDRED likes and over ONE HUNDRED shares!!! WOW!!! Just from one facebook page!! The other pages had shares as well. While I don’t normally do this, I decided to see who had shared the link and while most shared it without posting anything additional, a few preceded it with kind remarks. The one that touched me beyond deeply though, was from a fella I have never connected with, recommending my interview for all, especially the PA sibs! πŸ˜€ He went on to let his followers know, that even though it was shared by a pro life page, there was nothing controversial, and that the abortion made me more compassionate, etc. That may seem small to some, but it was further proof that my goal is being accomplished!! πŸ˜€Β 

*Now, for the spotlight on the unconventional: Sarah Terzo, owner of http://www.clinicquotes.com, writer for Live Action, etc, YOU are awesome!! Your willingness to interview me, has already lead to some amazing experiences! I am blessed to know you! For those who do not know, she has overcome many obstacles to help spread the word about abortion, and has literally helped save lives with her work!Β 

I could go on even longer, but shall end this for now. Peace to all of you! πŸ™‚


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