Meditation On Meeting Our Loved Ones In Heaven

*This came to me on retreat, while in prayer, 4/6/14. I wasn’t feeling well, but it brought me great peace and strength. Feel free to share it:
‘Our Lady’s holding Jesus in her arms, their amazing 2 hearts beating against each other. He’s a silly, happy Baby, and making cute faces/noises.  He reaches His darling, teensy Hand toward me. His mama’s not posessive and let’s me hold Him. Such peace I feel as His beautiful Heart beats against mine, nowhere near perfect! And such humility! God became for us, a baby. So non judgemental, etc. Holding tight to Him with one arm, and with the other one hugging my Blessed Mama as she has her arm around me, we start to walk. We are in an area with tons of flowers, shade trees and a peaceful body of water. We stop for a break. After the blanket is put out, I put little Baby Jesus down. Making His cute faces/noises, He crawls around, picking flowers for the both of us. Little charmer knows about my special love for yellow dandelions! ❤ Thank You, little one! Soon, we lay down (all 3 of us). There is a gentle breeze and peaceful sounds. I reach for the Little guy, who puts up no fight. I put His back against my front, and rest my hand on the front of His little Body. I feel at peace, as Jesus and I start to drift off. His Sacred and beautiful Heartbeat can  be felt against my hand.
Now, the scene changes some. Jesus is older and runs off ahead of us. His mom playfully but gently reminds Him not to go too far. She and I are hanging out, walking slowly and peacefully in an area similar to the one before, but with less water. Soon we catch up to Jesus, where He has joined a MASSIVE group of little ones. There is much diversity, appearance wise, and somewhat of a noticeable age difference in age. But they ALL have Jesus’ and our Lady’s peace and joy. You know, being with them I can’t help but feel it too. Mary and I sit on a bench together, smiling and cuddling. Two mamas watching their babies enjoying themselves. For you see, the large group represents my spiritually adopted ones (cousins, etc). It’s overwhelming, though not in a bad way. Yet at the same time, it feels perfectly natural. Being in Heaven, there is no worries about them acting up, etc.
It has transitioned to night time. The air is very cool, yet not uncomfortably so. We’ve all had a delicious dinner, and there is much laughter, etc. Soon we are all laying down on a monstrously large blanket, big enough to hold us all very comfortably. I also have a cozy blanket keeping me so warm. Joey and Chloe are on either side of me, and I can put my arms around them without discomfort. We chat as we look at the stars. Way more than I have ever seen here!! Soon, it’s time for me to go home. I get caught in the middle of a laughter filled group hug 🙂 ❤ Then, I get more hugs as everyone gives me one individually as well. Afterwards, they run off with giggles and other such noises.
Soon, it’s just me, with our Lady and Jesus. While my group is gone, it’s much quieter. We look at each other and smile, but don’t really chat. I am leaving soon, but for the rest of my walk I desire to carry Jesus for a little longer. He is perfectly able to walk, but sweetly allows me to. He’s on my hip, as He’s now not an infant, and I rest my hand on His beautiful and calming Heart! Blessed Mother smiles to see Two that she loves so much, being with each other.
I have reached the border, so must leave, but there is no sadness! Visits like this occur often! Plus, many times they all visit me! Unseen to others, they are there to help with a heavy item, a healing, gentle touch or word while I am hurting, etc. My little Buddy reaches for His Mama, so I playfully pull Him back a second, and give in. We all giggle. Soon as He reaches her arms, He rests His Head against her shoulder, but turns His darling Face towards me. Mary gives me such a loving, motherly hug and kiss. Then, she tells Jesus to kiss me. I feel and smell His warm, sweet kiss and breath. He smiles and kisses me as His mama told Him. It’s a wet kiss, as most baby kisses are, but there’s nothing gross about it. As I turn to leave, I smile knowing that seconds later He will be out like a light. Gently snoring. I already look forward to meeting them again! :)’


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