I know it may seem a weird title for a post, but it stands for: Post Abortive Siblings Against Post Abortive Bashing. This group does not actually exist, but I really hope that changes in the future. I think one thing that can really bring peace between the Pro Life and the Pro Choice side is if we siblings join up together. One thing I’ve noticed when speaking to/hearing from them, is even if they do not feel pain from the abortion of their siblings, they are often protective of their parents. Maybe we can work together to figure out ways of getting our beliefs known, without actually putting anyone down (whether they be abortion minded/post abortive, pro life/pro choice), etc. Now, let me say right here: I am well aware that there are already people dealing very lovingly with the ones mentioned above. And I greatly appreciate it!  But, I have also been exposed to the opposite, from pro LIFERS which makes it very hard to feel like we are part of the same movement. And makes me understand why someone might be against abortion but avoiding the movement, and why some may feel flat out resentment. Going through this has not been pleasant, but as with many negative occurrences it’s possible to see a positive. For me, it’s that I’ve been able to use that pain to help me get along with people on the other side. Yeah we see some things differently, but we have very blessed friendships. There is no trying to convert the other person. We are focusing on what we have it common, and if we do discuss our differences, it’s with peace. Maybe if PASAPAB existed, there would be a lot less degrading comments, memes, arguments, etc and people on both sides would realize that the people on the other are not all bad, etc. It may also bring healing, giving people the freedom to explain why they feel how they do, without fear of backlash. I feel more against abortion now because of what happened to my brother and how my mom and the rest of us have suffered since then but can see why another sib would feel it was none of their business,etc.

Hope this all makes sense and perhaps impacted someone positively, inspiring them!


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