Remembering ALL Of Our Loved Ones Who Died Early

This month, as some of you know, is Pregnancy And Infancy Loss Awareness (PAILA) Month. As someone suffering over the loss of my brother and many cousins/second cousins, etc I am happy to see that our pain is acknowledged, through candlelighting ceremonies, prayer services/masses, walks/runs, art projects, etc. Our church is participating, by gathering names of all who died early (in the womb or first year) and praying for them and their families for the whole month. We will also be holding a special candlelight prayer service on the 15th for all affected. That night there will be a box available with special items in memory of some of the ones we are praying for. If you are interested in submitting names to be included, please comment here, or if you would rather not mention it publicly, you can message my facebook page: Abortion Hurts Siblings And Others. The same goes for if you are interested in sharing something for the box. The only real ‘requirement’ is that it be received by the afternoon of the 15th. I know my readers are from many different areas, so I wanted to share a link showing events being done this month all over, in case you are nearby. If not, they have a link where you could submit your own event, as well as suggestions for ways to participate:

For those who may be wondering: I capitalized ‘all’ because there are some that do not include the aborted (or their families) in that category of pregnancy loss 😦 As one suffering from losses due to miscarriage AND abortion, and knowing others on the same journey, it’s really hurtful and can feel divisive. I want to do my part to change that. And long for the day when those who have lost loved ones in pregnancy no matter the cause, do not have to internalize it anymore.

My heart goes out to all suffering from these losses, especially those whose pain is added to by hurtful comments. Hugs for all of you! The candle below is one of many that will be lit for you on the 15th. Special thanks to Keva’s Candles ( ) for making it for us!

candle done by amy


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