Retreat Weekend

October RV retreat pic #2 taken by popOctober RV retreat pic taken by pop

These are close ups of my latest drawing for Rachel’s Vineyard. Feel free to share them with your local RV group, any retreatants, etc.
Yes, it has this weekend’s dates in the center of the ribbon, but overall I think people can ignore it.
Please keep them all in thought and prayer. If they are doing as they did last time, they spent a fair part of the morning sharing their stories in depth. So painful to share, and even listen to, but ultimately, it helped everyone present. Soon they will have lunch, which if they are like I was and some of the others, will be a chore.
The picture will come after the memorial tomorrow, when they say goodbye in a sense, to their babies . Such a powerful experience. Bittersweet, and it’s an honor that they get to keep this image. I hope and pray it brings them comfort. Really, in a special way, the prayers and support are needed after. We had been warned to take it very easy after the retreat, but I thought I could manage. Especially since I was there for my sibling, not my child. Nope! I worked some, and then just had very little energy and a depressed feeling. Thankfully it wasn’t too prolonged and with the support of my family/friends/fellow RV people and journaling, I am way better!
On another note: you can look in my surrounded by love album ( )  for the one I did in the beginning of April. That is also shareable.


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