Like A Rose: The Healing Journey

The rose is the most popular flower, I believe, for showing love. And the one most desired. While I agree they are lovely, I find it interesting that they would be the top choice. After all, you must be careful how you touch them, due to the presence of thorns.

This contrast came more strongly to my mind last month, as we were raising awareness of the suffering of those who have lost a loved one in pregnancy or infancy. One of the topics most often brought up was healing. Such a beautiful thing to receive 🙂 But the journey there can be so painful, which is why many end up fighting it, intentionally or unintentionally.

Usually accepting healing will mean stepping out of your comfort zone, something I know first hand. As unpleasant as it is to be unhealed, in some ways it becomes familiar. Flashbacks, triggers, nightmares, physical issues, emotional outbursts/repression, self harm. These are just a few of the trials that can be experienced at that time. Another common one, is dealing with guilt for feeling well, happy, not dwelling as much on the one who died, etc. Here is an example of a time I was having a very hard time with feelings like that, and the great peace that a change of perspective brought.

I share that and other stories with people, especially when they are feeling discouraged, because I want them to keep up the fight! To strive for that peace and healing!  There is totally hope!! 😀 I have come A LONG way, and am now able to see how worth it this journey is! So helpful when I, too, am feeling discouraged wth the work I still have to do. While it’s different for each person, I have put together a list of just a few outlets that have been proven helpful, for myself or others.

  • Crying
  • Music (listening, singing, playing, even if it’s a made up tune)
  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Physical activities
  • Forming healthier habits
  • Receiving counselling/listening ear
  • Deep breathing
  • Prayer and other things of a spiritual nature
  • Realizing during difficult moments if you have the strength to say something negative, you also technically have the strength to say something positive.

We here at AG, deeply care for all we come in contact with. If there is a way we can possibly assist you, please reach out. And if you have some encouraging stories about ways that you’ve experienced, we’d love to hear from you, either in the comments, the forum, etc. You will be in our thoughts 🙂


Here are links to two post abortion helplines, available 24/7:


24 HOUR HELPLINE, 7 DAYS WEEK: 1800 090 777



1 866 482 5433


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