Light From Darkness

In the United States, we are prepping to celebrate Thanksgiving. While many are excited about it, sadly there is also a large percentage that are dreading it, due to illness, financial or family issues, loss, etc. My heart goes out to them, as we have had our fair share of stressful holidays. BUT, we’ve also had an abundance of blessings, plenty coming from the bad times! I will share one example here, to inspire others who may feel that no good will ever come from their trials, etc.

Aside from finding out that my dad died, one of the most traumatizing bits of news I received, was about the loss of my youngest brother, to abortion. While some siblings actually sense or suspect someone is missing, I can’t recall ever feeling that way. Plus, I had often heard mom speaking against abortion. Suddenly, I felt this deep pain, I never knew was possible, since I had given virtually no thought to siblings or others being affected by abortion.

That was almost 9 years ago, and I have come incredibly far! I still have pain on occasion, but not nearly at the same intensity. That alone is reason for thanksgiving. But I am even more grateful, because going through that has really opened my eyes. Seeing my mom’s tears that night as she told us what happened, made me realize that very many of the abortion minded/post abortive parents are suffering greatly, even years after the fact.

Also, when I saw how little was available for us siblings, in terms of healing, I found the courage to speak up, and have now connected with close to 100 others who can relate, most of them in my secret group on facebook. And since I started looking, there are significantly more articles and such, helping get the word out there. I even got to do a radio, and on screen interview last year.

Yet another blessing, is that because of what I went through, I can connect with a lot of pro choicers in a neat way. While I have never been for abortion, for a long time after finding out about my brother I was against the pro life movement, feeling they were all against my mom and others like her, etc. Thankfully, in the last several years, since I have become active in this movement, I have seen how wrong that was, and have been able to tell others who feel the same as I did. The majority have also listened respectfully when I shared my story and let them know that even if they do not regret their abortions, there is a very real possibility their other children may suffer.

I could go on and on about the blessings that have come from the bad, but I will end for now. I sincerely hope this has inspired and uplifted some of you, and that all, whether celebrating or not can find a reason to be thankful



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