Ways To Observe The Anniversary Of Roe V Wade

As many know, next month we remember the anniversary of Roe V Wade, when abortion was legalized here in the United States. In the years past I found it to be rather stressful and something I dreaded overall, but this time around, I am actually looking forward to it in a sense! I wrote a letter to our local priest, and came up with 4 (for now) simple ways we can possibly make a positive impact, even without going to one of the many walks/marches that will be taking place.

  • Have a petition in your church, prayer group, etc for the whole month, with wording along the lines of: ‘We pray for ALL affected by abortion, and for the conversion of those taking part in it. Finally, we pray for it’s permanent end.
  •   Have a card/note drive, collecting these them for pregnancy centers with post abortive counseling, Rachel’s Vineyard coordinators, etc. Let them know they are being remembered in your thoughts and prayers. Their families too. Even if we do not agree with the choices they made, we can still offer love and try to help them in their hurting, possibly giving them the courage to share their story with another mother/father, etc who is in a similar place as they were/are.
  • Have a baby/expectant mother supply drive for mothers who have decided against abortion, even though the option is there for them.
  • Lastly, perhaps a special mass can be offered, and/or a reparation prayer service. I use the Holy Face devotion prayers, and they take less than half an hour to complete.

Please feel free to share these, and if you have some more ideas, I’d love to hear them in the comment section.

Whether these ideas are used or not, I do wish for all readers to have a peaceful month overall.


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