COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

In just over 2 months, the FIRST EVER, WEEKEND retreat for post abortive SIBLINGS ONLY is taking place!!! 😀

Yes, that is a lot of all caps and exclamation points and such, but for so many of us, this is huge!!! An answer to prayer! A dream come true, etc!! There have been weekend retreats for parents, or mixed groups, but now thanks to the hard work and dedication of Lumina ( ), we will have the opportunity to be together for a whole weekend. Bonding with others who know our pain, in a safe environment. And we will also be healing! It’ll take place in Catonsville, MD, which if I understand correctly is not too far from Baltimore, from around 6pm on March 13 to around 12pm on the 15th. Space is limited, so if you are interested in coming, or know someone who would be, I suggest you act quickly. Follow the link above, and find all the contact information and such under the sibling link.

For any who want to go, but feel nervous, I am right there with you! But I must say, I felt this way before going to a retreat DAY they hosted a few years ago, and it led to such healing! There was no judging and we were able to share at our own pace. I was surprised at just how much I was able to let out for the first time, being with other siblings who go got it! As one who is not always comfortable expressing myself, that was a real surprise. Such a rewarding experience and definitely worth it, in my opinion. It was after I got back that I started this blog and a few facebook pages ( and ) as well as my ‘secret’ facebook group for siblings only (message me at one of the pages I linked to, if you are interested in joining). I’ve also done a few interviews and such.

Here is hoping that this is retreat is just one of many awesome resources available for us siblings this year. Since seeking out help some years back, there has definitely been quite an increase, but I, and the others I know, are anxious to see even more!


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