The Birth Of A Hero

To many, January 14th is just another calendar day, with nothing too noteworthy. By contrast, for me it’s one of the best days of the year, because it is then that we celebrate the birth of my hero. My mom! ❤ It’s hard thinking of the sweet, innocent baby that she was on that day, enduring as much as she has had to, but I admire her strength in never letting it get her down for long! She is a fighter! 😀 She is my hero for so many reasons, but as this blog is primarily about post abortive issues, I will list the reasons that fall into that category.

None of my outreach (blog, facebook pagesgroup, interviews, etc) would be possible if she hadn’t first opened up about the abortion. To me it was a very brave step to take. For one thing, she was no longer suffering alone, in silence. I know firsthand the toll internalizing can have on a person, so am always glad when someone can open up. But even more because seeing and hearing her pain as she told us, made the abortion issue suddenly very real. Honestly, prior to that, I gave it little thought. I believed it was wrong and that was that, though I was not really into speaking up about it, etc. Through her we became aware that the decision to abort was not always an easy one at all, and that many suffered after the fact too. Suddenly, I saw the abortion minded/post abortive as I do my own mom, and while I, personally, was very hurt by the loss of my youngest sib, I wanted to reach out to them with love and respect as I wish my mom had been.

Another blessing that came from this, was the awareness of the far reaching effects of abortion. Before finding out I gave it just a brief thought after a classmate mentioned losing about 9 sibs that way. A few years later I wanted to connect with other siblings and did some research online. I was disturbed by the major lack of resources available for us and about our issues. Despite being shy, I actually felt a desire to share my story. But I worried about saying that to mom. Would that add to her pain? And how would it make other post abortives feel? I didn’t want to hurt them either. But my mom, being the very strong, heroic woman that she is, gave me her full blessing! ❤ Because of her, I was able to start this blog, my facebook pages and group, give several interviews, etc. I have heard from people worldwide who can relate or have now had their eyes open. I’ve been friends with the abortion minded and the post abortive. Pro life AND pro choice, the latter not making fun of my pain or my mom, even though they have different views on the matter. While I feel very blessed to be doing this outreach, there are times it becomes difficult and one of my biggest supporters is right there getting me ready to get back at it. My mom!!

I know this is long already, but I wanted to close with what I wrote about her on my status today. You may not see her as heroic, as I do, but I ask that if you choose to comment, you keep your words kinds and respectful:

Happy Birthday to my awesome mama in many parts of the world already! She came into the world half a century plus one year ago (well technically 51 years ago she was still in utero because of the time difference 😛 ) and has made such an impact on this world! I really am extremely thankful I was blessed to be one of her children, especially the oldest, since I’ve been with her the longest, technically! ❤ And you know that’s not an exaggeration. She has been through so many painful experiences, but did not let them make her bitter, rather she has become even more compassionate, learned how to avoid some things, etc. Dude, she is just beyond awesome and will treat all with a great amount of respect no matter their religion, appearance, financial situation, sexuality, political view, etc. For those that have complimented me for the words I’ve said, the things I’ve done, etc many of those ideas and such came from watching and learning from my mom.
Yes, this is a gushy post, but I can’t help it! 😀 And I could so make it even longer, but will refrain for your sakes and hers. She will probably blush, and/or cry! 😀 My precious mama! Some of you already have gotten to know her. My condolences for the rest 😉 For real though, thank you to all who have offered love, support, prayers, well wishes, etc etc etc! It means more than you know. Feel free to leave messages and such for her in the comments if you’d like! 🙂


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