Paying Tribute To My Brother

As some know, the anniversary of mom’s abortion is just under a month away. 2/14/15 will the 20th. And while it is definitely a sad and hard thought, I have decided that even more than in past years I want to celebrate that day, and spend it helping others, especially the hurting. I trust that would make my brother, Joey, proud! 🙂

There will be a balloon release taking place that day, and while I am not local, they will release a balloon in his honor! That has delighted me greatly and actually made me look forward to the day which I once really dreaded. I also had two more ideas that i want to share with as many as possible, so that all who read this can also consider taking part in their own areas and spreading the word.

  1. A collection of diapers(nappies), with special focus on the bigger sizes (approximately 3-6). These can be given to area pregnancy centers, etc. Many times they receive less donations of those sizes.  But those are extremely important for the families with older children in diapers in addition to the newborn, as well as the families of single children who are struggling financially. To be able to receive them, may help a family considering abortion due to financial strain or feeling overwhelmed change their mind.
  2. The second idea has to do with a party for expectant parents on that day (2/14). It doesn’t have to be fancy, but I like the idea of them being able to come together for some fellowship (husbands/boyfriends and older children also fine) and to be able to get some supplies for the new baby, as well as a treat for her and the father, and/or any older children. I was thinking it could have a name along the lines of Celebrating the Love (Valentie’s theme) of parethood.(or something like).

I hope you are able to join me in trying to plan these, and that things go well for you/your group. Also, if you have questions or comments please, feel free to let me know. I will do my best to answer. If you have shared about a local to you event, I will try my best  to advertise for it here and elswhere


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