For All Who Struggled On Mother’s Day

The second Sunday in May is recognized as Mother’s Day, here in the United States (and some other places if I am not mistaken).  While it is a joyful day for many, I know that for plenty of others the exact opposite is true. And those people were very much on my mind last Sunday.  Including:

  • Those who lost their mothers during an abortion, or afterwards due to complications
  • Post abortive siblings struggling to forgive their mothers for aborting
  • Post abortive parents who were forced, coerced, etc into aborting by their moms
  • Mothers who have aborted and are now suffering ( worded as such since not all feel affected)
  • For any who are triggered from seeing/hearing anything abortion related
  • For any who are struggling to forgive a post abortive mother they know (sister, etc).

With fathers day coming up here in just under a month I am already thinking of those who are dreading that day for reasons similar to those listed above and others. I ask that you keep them in your thoughts as well.

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