Tribute Art

Normally, my posts contain few, if any pictures. This post will be the opposite, in that there will be many more pictures (drawn and photo) than words. You have my permission to share them.

Done for those who have lost loved ones in any way:

paila ribbon sand paila ribbon sand and ocean another paila, sand ocean pic

wintertime's fun!

Specifically for those who’ve lost babies. The second one is the only one that should not be freely used, as it was made for an auction. Just sharing it to show the different designs I have come up with.

my candlelight vigil picAngel Kisses FD

Done for the post abortive, but can be comforting for others as well:

October RV retreat pic taken by poporiginal rv pic

Finally: a pic with the three pics I did in tribute of my lost loved ones. Yellow was for my brother, the one on the right was for my dad, and the one on the left, in memory of my friends and loved ones too many to name:my tribute pics

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these. It’s been very healing to work on these and many more. If you have experienced healing yourself through art, feel free to share pics or stories of those times,

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