Aunt Grieving The Loss Of Her Niece/Nephew After Her Twin Aborts

I am so proud of this woman for sharing her story and being a voice for aunts and uncles who are also grieving and helping raise awareness to those who are unaware of the far reaching effects of abortion! If any others want their testimonies on here, reach out and we can arrange it. Like with this one and many others I’ve posted on here it can be done anonymously.

Okay so this is the story of my sister and her abortion.You should know that she is not just my sister but she is literally half of me.She is my identical twin.For most of our lives we have never experienced this twin telepathy like other twins talk about.We were however very close to the point when I was hospitalized at 2 for a couple weeks my mom had a hard time with her because of separation anxiety. We were about 12 when my sister met her (now)husband.He has loved her since then and they dated off and one throughout the young teen years.We were about 18 when my sister was first pregnant.Unfortunately she found out she was miscarriaging due to her body rejecting the baby because she is o- and she would need shots next time to prevent it.Needless to say they were devastated. A few months later I was at work(gas station clerk)standing at the till waiting on a line of customers when I felt my stomach jump into my throat and I had this horrible feeling that something was very wrong.I waited tell every customer was gone and began calling people I loved starting with my twin sister.I couldn’t get a hold of her which made it worse so I called my older sister who informed me that she had just talked to my twin sister and she was out and fine.I continued to call loved ones.Everyone seemed fine and I talked to my twin later and she seemed fine as well. Well a year went on from that day.I was living with my sister and her boyfriend (now husband )and we were having a get together with friends to have some cocktails and hang out.It got late and people went home and her boyfriend to bed.It was just her and I hanging out talking about when we were young.Then she started to cry.I asked her why she was crying and she told me she didn’t want to tell me because I would hate her(I have always been pro life and my sister’s knew this).I was starting to get worried and I said I wouldn’t hate her no matter what she did because I love her.She then told me “you remember when you called people worried that something was wrong” and I said yes. She then told me “well I got pregnant again and her boyfriend was scared and she had a abortion”then I was crying too.She asked my not to hate her and I again tried assure her I could never hate her because she is my sister and I love her but I was upset she didn’t tell me and her and my older sister hid it from me.She told me that the first time she went she walked out and couldn’t do it but her husband kept bothering her so she eventually went through with it.I was very mad at him and eventually confronted him about it.He also had regrets about it. For a long time they tried to have children again and for a long time they didn’t.She used to say she thought god (she is a Christian)was punishing her.I have done my best to confort her throughout it.I told her people make mistakes and he wouldn’t punish her (even tho I’m not a Christian)because he is a forgiving god.She eventually had a baby girl that is healthy and happy.She still has issues with the abortion and I am still there to dry her tears.I always will be.I have tried to get her to join groups but she is still beating herself up.I will continue to be there and try to get her past it. Other then her abortion the only other time we had twin telapothy was when I was giving birth to my sons. well that’s my story of the niece or nephew I never got a chance to know.

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