Remembering Mothers In Mourning

I learned fairly recently of International Bereaved Mother’s Day thanks to the Carly Marie Heal Project, and I am so glad I did! Because of all my work in the post abortion ministry, and with families who’ve lost babies in pregnancy or shortly after, I have been very much aware of how a day like Mother’s Day can be a painful reminder of the children they have lost, no matter the age or cause. I’ve always hated that and wanted to do what I could to help them, but wasn’t exactly sure how. Mostly, I keep them in my thoughts and prayers and reach out to certain mamas, especially those with no living children, and let them know I am thinking of/praying for them. It seems to mean a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

This year, I want to take it further. So I’ve been spreading the word about IBMD, which this year is on May 3rd (always the first Sunday of May). Hopefully many others will do the same. Also, I want to give hurting mothers, or those who know them, the chance to tell me who they will be thinking of that day.

Anonymous or not, they can share dates, names, pics, memories, etc and I will do what I can to pay tribute. This can be done in the comments here, or messaging/posting on my Facebook pages (Abortion Hurts Siblings And Others and Siblings Against Abortion). Other ideas include a drawing, a card, social media direct message, flower, lit candle, special prayer/blessing at your place of worship, social media status, etc etc..

I know it’s very likely that not all will want to take part in this, but I am mentioning it for those who do want that. Also, for future reference, the day for bereaved fathers is the fourth Sunday of September.

Participating or not, may you all have a peacefilled day! ๐Ÿ™‚

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