Dalla parte dei fratelli (My reflection in ITALIAN!!!!) :D

I am so so excited and grateful!! Someone translated my original reflection into Italian!!! What a very happy surprise 🙂 Thank you to the translator. Feel free to translate anything else on here. Also, this week my CNN Ireport ( http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-928197 ) got over 200 views/100 shares in just about 2 days. Still growing!! I’ve also gotten some […]

‘Older’ Sibling Loss

I dedicate this post to my extended families. Both sides have experienced sibling loss and my heart goes out to them. Hugs, family! ❤ Tonight there are 6 young men and women mourning the loss of their sister. While her death was somewhat expected, it still came as a painful shock. Those 6 are my cousins, and […]