Wishes, Maybes and Ifs. The life I wish you had had.

Dedicated to Brenna Michelle from Sister.

I wish things were different, I wish you had been given a chance, I wish could have met you, I wish I could grown up with you. A lot of wishes a lot of ifs and a whole lot of maybes, Maybe you would have been my best friend, Maybe you would have been my protector, Maybe we would have been total opposites, but still loved each other, Maybe we would have had the same interests, laughed at the same jokes, Listened to the same music, Watched the same movies, but I wont get to know. Maybe we wouldn’t be able to go a day without speaking, maybe we would have helped one another. Im angry all those things were stolen from you. I hate you weren’t given a chance, that someone stole you from us. i hate nobody stopped it, I hate nobody loved you when you went. I love you. Ive known bout you since December the 9th 2014, four days after we lost daddy but you gained him then, Since the I haven’t stopped thinking of you I haven’t stopped missing you, I don’t know how its possible but I really do miss you. Its your turn now with the old man, so look after him for me okay, like I know you were looking after me all of those days. I miss you but I never knew you, I wish it had been reversed

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