Super Quick

Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for your prayers, support, etc regarding my trip! I made it back safely, and despite the toll it took, it was so totally worth it! I feel like I would totally do it again if needed. For first time readers, or those not familiar, I was invited to […]

National Sibling Day

Apparently, today is National Sibling Day, which I thank Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust for bringing to my attention! Mostly, so I can remind my sibs that they need to honor me, while conveniently ignoring the fact that they should be honored too! 😛 For real, I am very grateful for all 4 of my […]

Rarely Mentioned Group

First off, no doubt some of you saw my previous post about Abortion Recovery Awareness Month, and the pictures I attached. Unfortunately, the name is trademarked, so I had to take down all posts and pics about it : / Bummer, as I was totally not trying to step on any toes, or take credit […]