Sense Of Presence

A few months ago, while thinking of Joey and Chloe (my sibs) and so many other babies gone before we could meet them, I started writing a poem. Never finished, until today. This is dedicated to all who can relate. I hope this can bring comfort. You may share if you so desire and think it would help. Please pardon any errors.

I miss you though we’ve never met,

the pain’s so bad, my eyes are wet.

It feels so strange to feel this way,

‘though I’m not alone, so many say.

‘Though we’ve never met, I think of you often,

in the good times and bad times and those in between.

I’m reminded of you, when I feel a nice breeze,

or hear all the birds, singing up in the trees.

I’m reminded of you, at the scents of the flowers,

or when I see the puddles left by the rain showers,

as well as when I’m eating a very special treat,

so thank you very much, I can’t wait until we meet.

On that day I’ll greet you with a hug and a kiss,

O loved one of mine, who i definitely miss.

I’ll rejoice in the fact that no more will we part.

Until that day though, I’ll keep you close to my heart.

In honor of you and all gone before us.

I wanna do what I can to help others

in good times and bad times and those in between

just like you’ve helped me in so many ways.

I will always love and be grateful for you ❤

August 2, 2015

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