Lullabye For An Unnamed Baby

This past thanksgiving morning, I had a dream that I came upon my friend who was miscarrying at around 6-7 weeks 😦 I was very upset for her, and for reasons I can not now recall, stared upon her baby for a bit afterwards. It was a very powerful experience and even though it was just a dream,  I felt such a special connection to the him/her and actually felt pain for quite some time thinking of the families that knew that loss firsthand. Especially on or around the holidays. I started to feel inspired to write a song or poem, dedicated to all babies whose names are unknown. One of the main inspirations was that it was so hard not having a name to call the little one in my dream. Plus I’ve known many grieving parents/siblings who also don’t know the name. I came up with a few lines pretty quickly, but then hit a block until just recently, when I decided I wanted to be finished in time for our upcoming prayer service for those affected by pregnancy and infancy loss, to be held on the 25th in Pasadena, CA. Reach out if you are local and interested in attending. Whether you can make it or not, I have added the lyrics below. Feel free to share them.


Hello, little one,

your name is unknown to me.

But thankfully not your existence.

It broke my heart

to find out that you passed.

But at that moment

My love for you was born.

I never knew

I could feel such love

For someone that

I’d never met before

but I’m so glad

to finally know the truth.

I feel you

when times are good

And even when they’re bad.

So even though I can’t see you

I know I’m not alone.                                                                                                                          B C


My dear little one,

You’ve done so much for me

For which I’m extremely grateful.

My eyes and heart

Have now been opened wide

And I desire

To help all those in pain.


Those who feel alone

To feel the love

That I have felt from you

And find the strength to

keep on carrying on

I promise you

I’ll honor you

The best way that I can

Because I love you very much,

My dearest little one.














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