On Being the Sibling of an Aborted baby

I feel honored and blessed to know the author of this! I am proud of her for sharing and am excited that we both wrote on this subject, on the same day! Hopefully by reading our stories, more eyes will be opened and more will be inspired to share their stories!



People always seem to have an opinion about the abortion debate, are they Pro-Life…Pro-Choice (I’m not even going to touch “Pro-Abortion”…seriously, go educate yourself.) Does a woman have a right to an abortion in this situation..or that situation?? That’s not my call to make. No one talks about the rest of the family that abortion impacts. Everyone gets so wrapped up in a WOMAN’S right to chose they forget the rights of the rest of the people affected by abortion, specifically the right to mourn.


As a sibling of 3 aborted babies I had no part in the abortions or the choices the women who had those abortions made. My father was never one to make the best choices. He had multiple partners, two who I specifically know had abortions. One was a boy they had named Jon before she made the decision to abort, against my fathers wishes. I’m…

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