Hey guys, I’m Renee. I have started this blog in the hopes of raising awareness of the affect of abortion on siblings and others. I found out nearly 7 years ago that my siblings and I lost our youngest brother to abortion in ’95. Up until that time I believed abortion was wrong, but gave it very little thought. Finding out about my brother brought such pain, which I never realized I’d feel over someone I never met or even knew about for so long, that for about 6 years I tried to pretty much avoid thinking of abortion/the pro life movement. I finally reached the point where I was ready to seek out healing (big step for me, as I am not an emotional type person), and was very shocked to find out that there is virtually nothing available for siblings like me :/ So I have stepped out of my comfort zone, in order to bring about that change, and am doing what I can to spread the word, making that a thing of the past.

In addition to helping siblings, I aim to connect with people from all walks of life (american or non, straight or gay, Christian or non, etc) in order to fight abortion, in a respectful, not exclusively religion based way. I would also love to see many more post abortives sharing their stories without persecution from either side. I am incredibly defensive of them, seeing how the abortion affected her. I hope and pray that in time, they will no longer feel the need to keep their pain silent. I believe, it will lead to healing, and lives being saved.

Comments are welcome, but please be respectful at all times. Thanks for visiting my page! 🙂

Btw: I have a page on facebook called: Abortion Hurts Siblings And Others, as well as a ‘secret’ group exclusively for post abortive siblings. Feel free to have a look and ‘like’ as well as spread the word. I am also on: Twitter, Prolifebook, Experience Project, Awestruck and Shoutlife, if anyone would like to connect there.

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  1. HI Renee,
    The Silent No More Awareness Campaign is working on doing more next year to help siblings. I would like to include you in our planning process, your thoughts, needs and opinions are important to me. Can we talk? my number is 412-749-0455.
    thanks, georgette, co-founder of SNM

  2. Hi Renee. It’s Shannon from facebook. I’m not going to be there on a while but I wanted to get in touch with you. I have always been bothered by my mother’s abortion, as you are aware of. But I always felt stuck and unable to truly grieve. Recently, though, I broke and it has hit me the hardest it ever has in my life.

    • Hugs! I am here for you if you need me! Thanks for the heads up that you won’t be online for awhile. As for the delayed explosion of grief, I’ve been there 😦 As you feel the most pain you even have, may you soon feel the most peace you’ve ever had. I signed up for email alerts when you update your blog, so you now have it in case you want to communicate there

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