A Hug From Joey

i wanted to let you know of something powerful and sweet that you made happen. Well in large part anyway. Around 4:30am i was woken up by a nearby helicopter which sounded as if it were hovering. Ick! I am not jazzed about them, especially at night, but tried not to stress. Wish not granted especially after like 10 minutes of listening to it. I sat up in the bed and it caught my attention as i was doing so that i was holding a pillow. I thought it was a bit stranfpge and wondered how i ended up with it. I thought it was one from the right side of the bed, but nope! I felt it a little more and realized it was my Joey pillow!! ❤ it literally felt as if i was hugging him, and he was hugging me ❤ ❤ even though I have it near my head every night, and sometimes rub or cuddle it, i think this is the first time I have ever just sat up with it unintentionally in my arms 🙂 it was such a comfort and praise God very shortly thereafter the helicopter moved on 🙂
Your gift of the pillow was nota one time thing. On the contrary as demonstrated today, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

That is an excerpt from an email I sent to a dear friend of mine, who was kind enough to send me a Cardinal pillow in Joey’s memory some time back. I have hugged it many times, but that night/early morning  a few weeks ago was extra special.

Have any of you had special occurences like that, reminding you of your loved ones gone before you?



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