Just To Be Clear

I’ve had a few people lately telling me not all women regret their abortions. So I just wanna make clear that by sharing my reflections and info about sibling pain, etc I don’t expect ALL people to suffer over this issue (or feel comfortable acknowledging it), but wanna bring awareness to the fact that many do […]


On my facebook page, the other day, I was blessed to hear from another post abortive sibling! The more siblings and others we get to share their stories, the more likely we are to get people to understand how real our suffering is, resulting in more resources for our healing. It is my sincere hope […]

Appropriate :)

Appropriate :)

I found this on my facebook friend’s page and had to share. Especially after recently hearing once again that the post abortives are murderers, etc!! I am not naive, I believe that abortion kills, but believe that these women should be offered help, etc. They are a valuable asset to this movement.
I am also tired of my ‘unconventional’ friends being bashed for their different beliefs.
Whether or not you agree with me, please stay respectful at all times while commenting, etc on here.