Just To Be Clear

I’ve had a few people lately telling me not all women regret their abortions. So I just wanna make clear that by sharing my reflections and info about sibling pain, etc I don’t expect ALL people to suffer over this issue (or feel comfortable acknowledging it), but wanna bring awareness to the fact that many do hurt, so that more resources will be available for those of us desiring in. And for those parents that have no regret, I want them to realize that their children may in fact be hurting. Hope that makes sense.


3 thoughts on “Just To Be Clear

  1. I have a few women telling me the same thing. No one is trying to force emotions on people who don’t feel them, but abortion grief is a complicated thing and denial is one of the stages that women go through. more info: http://afterabortion.org/2004/forbidden-grief/
    In many cases (maybe not all but many), post-abortive women become pro-choice advocates as a coping mechanism (I have been there). I am writing on my blog about this aspect because I see much need for healing everywhere and hidden suffering can’t be healed.
    Thank you for your courage, Renee. Do not be discouraged, your witness is important for other siblings and parents of aborted children. God Bless You.

  2. One person often forgotten and assumed to be unhurt in this abortion in father, men suffer too in the occasion of an abortion. Healing and resources need be started and extend to fathers who have lost a child in this way.

    • absolutely! If you or any fathers you know of are on facebook you can ‘like’ my page: Abortion Hurts Siblings And Others. Also, if you or someone you know would like to share their story with me, I’d be happy to share it on here 🙂

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