Post Abortive Mother Speaks Of Judging

This was shared with permission from my friend Catherine, over at Abortion Alternative Information And Support ( I happen to agree with her, and ask that you be respectful if you choose to comment. “It is strange living with abortion.  More than strange – something close to crazy-making.  How, why, what…  How do you […]

A Ray Of Hope On A Sad Day

All these reminders of Roe V Wade have been weighing heavy on me lately. It is still strange to think that we were actually personally affected by it. Because of it, we lost our brother, and any future siblings (among other things). I will never again watch my mom’s belly grow with a little sibling […]

Blessings :)

Happy 2013!! 🙂 While I am hoping for a better year, I can’t help but be very grateful for some major blessings that have come to me this year. To spare you all from a super long post, I will focus just on my pro life related blessings. This year has been the most healing […]