Secular Pro Life!

I am so excited! 🙂 I was invited to be the guest blogger for Secular Pro Life today! Such an honor, as I totally admire what they are doing for this movement. How cool that they are allowing me to share my sibling work with them! Here is the link for anyone interested: Later I […]

I Have A Dream

My dream for post abortive siblings in the future, is that in addition to retreats, counseling options, online support groups, etc there will be more opportunities for ‘meet and greets’. Casual, open to all religious beliefs, just a safe place where for a few hours they can get together and meet others who have been […]

Post Abortive Father Shares His Grief/Healing Via Song (updated)

*I am reposting this, as he now has a way you can download this and other of his inspiring songs, for free 🙂 Please consider sharing the link. May it can inspire others to seek out healing, as well as raise awareness of the deep pain that many fathers feel after the loss of […]