Sibling Support

For those who do not know,  I have a ‘secret’ group on facebook just for post abortive siblings. A place where they can go and chat with others who have been through similar, etc. We are not counselors, and we are open to any religion, political view, etc. If you are interested, send me a message at my page (Abortion Hurts Siblings And Others, <— link in the sidebar).

If you are not on facebook, but still want to connect, please let me know. We can connect through email, twitter, experience project, etc.

Feel free to share this info with anyone


6 thoughts on “Sibling Support

  1. My name is Allison, and my older brother Michael was aborted 10 years before I was born. I suffer from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and I strongly believe they are tied to being in a womb where a murder took place. I would love to join your facebook group. Could you send me the page name or a link please?

  2. Can you share the link? I think my 19 yr old daugther could really use some support from those who have been through what she has.

    • I am so sorry for her loss 😦 And for the rest of you. It would be an honor to have her in our group. As per facebook rules, a group that is secret, can not be found by a link. The person must be added directly by a member of the group, who is a mutual friend. So she can send me a friend request at: Susi O Fanabba and a message that she would like to join. Hope that makes sense.
      You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. If you would like to share the name(s) of those you lost through abortion, miscarriage, early infant death, etc we would be honored to remember them throughout the month of October, especially at our vigil on the 15th. If you are not comfortable commenting on here, you can message me on my facebook page.
      Peace to all of you

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