Well Said :)

 This made me think of the divisions in the pro life movement. Those who want to work only with Christians, only with non Christians, graphic image users/haters, etc. Sometimes I wish I could shut the movement down, in a sense, and try to heal some of the divisions. I would love to see more Christians and non working together, to save the unborn/their families, showing respect and not trying to convert each other. I would like to see more peaceful explanations of opinions between pro lifers and pro choicers, etc. I believe that if we tweaked some things (such as what I already mentioned) we would have many more pro lifers. I, myself, stayed away for awhile fearing the judgement against my mom, and exposure to the graphic images, but have thankfully found the strength to fight that and join up with this movement. Hopefully others, with a little encouragment, will do the same.


One thought on “Well Said :)

  1. Sometimes people stay away from the pro-life work because of a false perception that is presented by “pro-choce” media and NARAL types. I have been to a lot of Demonstrations and Marches and sidewalk counseled for years. I never saw or heard anyone calling women going into get an abortion baby killers, I never did that either. I checked with others to see if I missed something osomehow and they agreed this is not standard procedure at all. Perhaps some have called abortion doctors “baby killers” when they see one but, that isn’t often, as they actually are not usually able to confront an abortionist. II do think there isw a place for graphic images. For me I only used them in this way. I had pictures I kept out of sight and if I got into a discussion where a person was denying the truth of what an abortion is and what the doctor actually removes during an abortion, I would ask them if they would like to see a picture of that. They always said sure as they didn’t relize what the truth was.

    Norma McCurey and Abby Johnson are prime example of the love and gentleness of the movement that has won over pro-choicers.. I suggest that those who are fearful of pro-life work because of these impressions check things out with various groups. I for one was a bit put off by the old Operation Rescue image until I read Norma McClury’s testimoney of how she was converted.

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