Sibling Support

For those who do not know,  I have a ‘secret’ group on facebook just for post abortive siblings. A place where they can go and chat with others who have been through similar, etc. We are not counselors, and we are open to any religion, political view, etc. If you are interested, send me a message […]

Just To Be Clear

I’ve had a few people lately telling me not all women regret their abortions. So I just wanna make clear that by sharing my reflections and info about sibling pain, etc I don’t expect ALL people to suffer over this issue (or feel comfortable acknowledging it), but wanna bring awareness to the fact that many do […]

light from darkness jesus' image

Light From Darkness

In the United States, we are prepping to celebrate Thanksgiving. While many are excited about it, sadly there is also a large percentage that are dreading it, due to illness, financial or family issues, loss, etc. My heart goes out to them, as we have had our fair share of stressful holidays. BUT, we’ve also […]

Reflecting On My Life Before Finding Out About The Abortion

This was originally shared on my australian blog ( ) Hi :) My name is Renee. I live in America and lost my youngest sibling to abortion in ’95. I have become very active in trying to raise awareness of the pain that we siblings often feel and reaching out to the post abortive/abortion minded […]