Sibling Support

For those who do not know,  I have a ‘secret’ group on facebook just for post abortive siblings. A place where they can go and chat with others who have been through similar, etc. We are not counselors, and we are open to any religion, political view, etc. If you are interested, send me a message […]

Just To Be Clear

I’ve had a few people lately telling me not all women regret their abortions. So I just wanna make clear that by sharing my reflections and info about sibling pain, etc I don’t expect ALL people to suffer over this issue (or feel comfortable acknowledging it), but wanna bring awareness to the fact that many do […]

Chilling Dream

This was shared with me tonight, by a sibling friend, and I am so thankful for the permission to share it here: I had a dream that i was an ob nurse helping with an abortion and looked down to see my mother was the patient. I knew immediately that I had suddenly traveled back in […]

Sibling Day

So I found out partway in that it was sibling day today. Oops! It’s kind of bittersweet for me, thinking of the one that is not with us, as well as those who are only children, lost their sibs, or have bad relationships with them. But, it was also filled with blessings, hanging around with […]